My New Music Page!

Hey, all!

So, I've decided to expand my blog. This part, of course, is dedicated to my life (and what I choose to post, haha), and I also have other pages (one for a memoir regarding my experiences with Teach For America, and the other devoted to feminism and pro-choice arguments). There have been some recent, exciting developments recently concerning my writing, as well as my academic future, but it's a bit too early to write about those things. So, for now, I've decided to add a new page to my blog detailing my work in another passion of mine -- singing!

I occasionally do community shows, but (mostly due to a demanding schedule), most of my singing happens in private recordings. Most of these recordings are done on Audacity, and I then transfer those audio files to a video file with an accompanying picture. What I want to do is post those videos to my new blog section, "Life's a Stage."

In the last few months, I've been experimenting with new equipment, so I've begun realizing the benefit of quality microphones and such. My first recordings, then, are pretty low quality; however, the quality does improve with each new recording, and my goal is to continue improving that quality each time I record.

Most of this is for fun, and I love sharing my passions with others! So enjoy! My music is all posted now in "Life's a Stage," my new blog section!

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